Agile manifesto: A great boon for developers

Software development is a continuous process that enables the clients and the developers to work in tandem in creating various products that would go a long way to achieve excellence. There are many instances when projects started with great enthusiasm but were found wanting in mid course of the development because users frequently changed their requirements and created huge problems for the developers. It led to a long gestation period in realizing the benefits of the project along with cost overruns. Due to above reasons software industry was marred by poor user experience. Therefore Agile manifesto was launched so that users are able to enjoy the product which are released quickly within shorter duration of time. Iterative mode is the backbone of manifesto that has created new benchmarks of quality in recent times. Different developers held a conference in winter season in the American State of Utah to revolutionize the concept of software development. There are different rule that form an integral component of the manifesto to ensure that the users are able to get the best quality applications at affordable prices.

Principles of Agile manifesto:

It is a well known fact that process is regarded as the most crucial part of development procedures. Dividing activities in to above entities would lead to a modular approach in development that will help to find and correct error in an easy manner. Detailed interaction must take place between developers and clients so that they are able to understand the requirements and would coordinate their efforts to create a magnificent application. Tools should be extensively analyzed before the start of the development process.

Many companies do not pay heed to the software practices that include documentation. It is absolutely necessary to prepare a hard copy of the design and analysis phase so that changes could be made easily if enhancement is required. Language used in describing various processes should be simple so that developers could easily understand and write codes which will go a long way in creating efficient product. According to the manifesto software project must be developed in house because it results in deeper collaboration with clients which in turn would help to design software meeting the expectation of the company. In real world it is not possible because many companies cannot afford it and outsource the work to third parties to save on costs.

 Agile manifesto: A great boon for developers

Various Aspects of Agile manifesto:

Development project which is undertaken in different phases has helped companies to keep pace with the requirements of the current market scenario. Initially product is released with basic functionalities so that user feedback is obtained. Once above process is accomplished successive enhancements could be achieved by introducing different and i8mproved version of the same item. It would go a long way in satisfying the requirements and specification of the customers. If customer is not clear about the demand, prototype is introduced so that real time requirements are evaluated and incorporated in successive versions. You should make sure that manifesto is followed in such a manner that efficiency is maintained and cost overruns are avoided. There are other methodologies of development but manifesto is quite popular among the IT companies of present era.

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